AN9767 14bit 125Msps DA BNC Analog Output AD9767 Module

Use on SoC & FPGA development boards

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The AN9767 dual channel 14 bit DA output module adopts the ADA9767 chip from ANALOG DEVICES company, supporting independent dual channel, 14 bit, and 125MSPS digital to analog conversion. The module has a 40 pin busbar for connecting to the FPGA development board, and 2 BNC connectors for analog signal output.

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  • ● Chip Model: AD9767
    ● Number of Bits: 14bit
    ● Number of Channels: 2 Channels
    ● Sampling Rate: Up to 125MSPS
    ● PCB layers: 4 layers, independent power layer and GND layer
  • ● Input Range: -4V to 4V
    ● Input interface: 2 x BNC interface
    ● Module interface: 40 pin 2.54mm spacing row seat
    ● Working Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
    ● Dimensions: 81 x 51mm form factor

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