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Alinx Investment in INSIGHTEK, Heavyweight Vehicle Electronic Rearview Mirror CMS Track



Recently, Alinx Electronic Limited announced the completion of its strategic investment in Shanghai Yingsai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. , further expanding the layout of the car electronic rearview mirror CMS market, and working together to deepen product and technology strategic cooperation. Both parties held an investment cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai, attended by Ma Rui, General Manager of Xinyi Electronics, and Tu Jiangping, Chairman of Yingsai Technology.


The Camera Monitor System (CMS) replaces traditional optical exterior rearview mirrors with a combination of a camera and a monitor. The display mode is to capture images from an external camera, process them, and display them on the cockpit display screen. Starting from July 1, 2023, the new national standard GB 15084-2022 "Performance and Installation Requirements for Indirect Vision Devices of Motor Vehicles" has been officially implemented. The addition of "Camera Monitor System", "Mirror and CMS Dual Function System" and other contents means that China has officially entered the era of electronic rearview mirror boarding.


Compared to traditional optical rearview mirrors, electronic rearview mirrors have significant advantages in terms of "incomplete visibility, unclear recognition, easy interference, and high wind resistance". Firstly, with a wide field of view, more lane and vehicle surrounding spatial information can be obtained through wide-angle cameras, effectively reducing driving blind spots; Secondly, the image is clear, combined with the waterproof function of the lens and the support of post processing algorithms. Even in harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, frost, and even complex lighting environments such as low light and strong glare at night, the electronic rearview mirror can still clearly display the rear view image; Thirdly, the wind resistance is smaller, and the external lens volume can be reduced to one-third or even smaller than traditional rearview mirrors. Thanks to the advantages of smaller equipment volume and smoother design, electronic rearview mirrors can effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


According to industry research reports, the global automotive electronic rearview mirror market is expected to reach approximately $1.44 billion by 2027. With the implementation of the new national standard GB 15084-2022 "Performance and Installation Requirements for Indirect Vision Devices of Motor Vehicles", the electronic rearview mirror market in China is expected to grow rapidly from 2024, and the domestic market size is expected to reach 1 million sets by 2026, with huge market space.


ALINX General Manager Ma Rui stated: With the development of the wave of 'new four modernizations' in automobiles and the implementation of relevant national standards, the domestic electronic rearview mirror market is bound to experience explosive growth. The ALINX AUMO brand focuses on the intelligent vehicle market, laying out business lines such as autonomous driving simulation testing and electronic rearview mirrors. Our strategic investment in Yingsai Technology this time focuses on Yingsai Technology's deep industry experience and technical strength in rearview mirror research and design, especially in terms of It has complete forward development capabilities for electronic rearview mirror systems. So, following the strategic cooperation reached between the two sides in June this year, ALINX has chosen to further deepen its cooperation in the field of electronic rearview mirror CMS.

INSIGHTEK Chairman Tu Jiangping stated: CMS is a highly complex automotive system that integrates optics, electronics, software algorithms, ergonomics, digital simulation, mechanical design, and many other specialties. It requires the sincere cooperation of multiple expert enterprises focused on various fields to create excellent product performance and user experience. As a leading enterprise in the development of FPGA based automotive ECU solutions, ALINX has provided efficient development capabilities and reliable product performance in previous collaborations Provided strong support and assistance to Yingsai Technology. Welcome ALINX's recognition and investment in INSIGHTEK. We hope that both parties can work together to create market recognized benchmark products and work together for a win-win situation in the upcoming electronic rearview mirror market.


The INSIGHTEK core team has nearly 20 years of research and development experience, as well as nearly 7 years of localized application and development experience in electronic rearview mirrors, and has complete forward development capabilities for electronic rearview mirror systems. Its fully self-developed compliance and human-machine simulation tool kit can conduct systematic qualitative and quantitative analysis of regulatory requirements, customer special needs, human-machine interaction effects, etc., thereby accurately and quickly defining the human-machine layout relationship between electronic rearview mirrors and the entire vehicle, as well as the specific parameters and performance indicators of important components.

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Alinx Electronic Limited was established in 2012 as a high-tech enterprise and a specialized, refined, and innovative enterprise in Shanghai. It is a company specializing in automotive intelligent products and FPGA technology solutions. The AUMO brand under the company focuses on in car intelligent products, providing in car simulation HIL, electronic rearview mirror CMS products and solutions, including in car video capture cards, video injection cards, bypass diversion capture cards, capture boxes, in car cameras, in car rearview mirrors, etc. Through a product+customized service business model, it meets the in car product development needs of car enterprises and the automotive industry chain, We have conducted in-depth cooperation with multiple in vehicle autonomous driving customers.

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