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ALINX Appears at the 7th Endoscopy Conference, Announcing FPGA+GPU Heterogeneous Architecture High end Medical Imaging Solution


On October 17-18, the 7th CCME 2023 Endoscopy Conference and Annual Celebration&4th Surgical Robot Conference was held grandly at the Yangtze River International Convention Center in Nanjing. Against the backdrop of continuous improvement of the domestic medical endoscope industry chain and breakthroughs in key technologies, industry representatives gathered in Jinling to discuss and exchange the development direction of the endoscope industry, and showcase the achievements of industry development.


As the largest FPGA core board supplier in China, ALINX Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ALINX has rich industry experience in the field of FPGA image products. This time, it appeared at the 7th Endoscopy Conference and released the "Endoscopy and Surgical Robot Solution" - a medical industry image solution based on FPGA+GPU heterogeneous architecture and high computing power 3D processing platform.


In response to the pain points of light source processing, color distortion, high data latency, and 3D image processing in the endoscopic and surgical robot industries, ALINX has launched an endoscopic and surgical robot solution based on the heterogeneous design of AMD Zynq UltraScale+MPSoC+NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX, which meets high-speed data transmission, AI computing processing, high-definition video image acquisition and processing, and 3D image processing, In terms of image resolution, it can even meet the display requirements of 8K high-definition video images.


For example, in the field of endoscopic imaging, an 8K image sensor captures image information, and the captured video stream is processed by a Zynq UltraScale+MPSoC FPGA module for image signal processing. Then, through image management and storage units, the processed high-definition images are presented on a high-definition display through a display interface for surgeons to watch.


This scheme also has low latency and left eye synchronization characteristics for video data, with an end-to-end delay time of less than 50 milliseconds and a synchronization accuracy of 1 line for left and right eye video data.

As an FPGA solution provider for endoscopic and surgical robots in the medical field, ALINX focuses on customized development services for high-end intelligent endoscopic and surgical robots based on FPGA, meeting the requirements of high computing power, low latency, and strong clarity of clinical medical equipment. It is committed to promoting the rapid development of the domestic endoscopic and surgical robot industry. At present, ALINX products have been recognized and applied in cooperation with multiple domestic endoscopic manufacturers.


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